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Design and Innovation

The world is changing every day. Your life your choice. We each live our choices through the designs that best fit our personalities. Every home has a unique style that invites people in.



The development process of construction projects is shaped by design decisions. Hundreds of decisions made during the project development process need to be carefully thought out and analyzed correctly. At 23 Projects, we strive to work with designers who are leading experts with strong references in their field.


Architectural Design

Everything starts with architecture. When we imagine a home, we are not only responsible to the people who will live inside it, but also to the city. We work with multiple experienced architects who will design the most suitable building for the plots of land that have been waiting for a masterpiece to be built on them for years, and we evaluate different approaches. We start our journey with the architect who develops the most appropriate concept.

Landscape Design

Landscape is the image that reflects nature into our living spaces. A landscape design that is in harmony with architectural design is an integral part of the design process. With our landscape projects, where all details from green areas to hard surfaces, from pool design to site lighting are meticulously planned, you will feel privileged.


Interior Design

For us, your living spaces are not just about square meters. We attach great importance to planning each living space in accordance with human nature. We focus on solutions that facilitate human life and prioritize comfort. We work with three renowned interior designers to decide on the design, quality, and functionality of all materials to be used for you.

Social Space Design

When planning all common area designs from social facilities to lobby areas, we consider all your and your guests' needs. We meticulously design all the details for you to spend quality time in shared living spaces.



For 23 Projects, a home is not just a home. We strive to improve the quality of every moment you spend in your home. The energy of a home has a significant impact on human psychology. We work to make your life easier with innovative solutions that meet changing human needs


R&D (Research and Development)

We conduct serious feasibility studies when selecting the lands for the projects we develop. Our expert R&D team uses all their experience and knowledge to develop the right project in the right location. We determine the project details and materials to be used after long working hours.


We ensure that you meet your primary needs with the privilege of World23 not only in your home and site but also in the city where you live.


We meticulously fulfill all the functions of site management and ensure uninterrupted comfort in common living areas. We professionally manage the entire process from security to cleaning, technical support to reception services.

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